We help companies achieve their goals by carefully analyzing the need for digital transformation and implement the solutions that just work.

We've been doing it since 1986.

Digital transformation is a process

It touches every aspect of your business


Orchestration of processes

Going digital brings heavy change to how business communicates internally and externally. By leveraging available technoloy stack along with digitally shifted mindset it runs smoother and quicker then before. 

Gradual enrollment 

You're in for a long run

Pacing yourself with any change is always a safe bet. Give all stakeholders of your business time to adapt and embrace the change.


React quickly

Any business can benefit from digital transformation as it allows you to move swiftly and react to the market needs. It helps with streamlining the whole process and eliminates bottlenecks in communication 

Customer experience

Happy campers

Usually the customer experience improves immensely. As the whole purchase workflow is controlled, feedback and guidance is provided for the customer, thus enabling easier onboarding and higher conversion.

Optimistic approach

No barriers

As transformation takes place, it is of importance to keep the spirit high as it will not always go as planned. Include the blockers, ask for cooperation, celebrate small wins often and look far, far ahead. 


We carefully assemble mixed teams of your top talent and our analysts to examine the business needs and pinpoint the bottlenecks to attack    


We put our experience and knowledge to good use in planning stage to prepare the best possible explanation how the transformation of processes should be implemented


We implement digital transformation in cooperation with your IT department and/or third party providers to reach the set goals

Why us?

Years of experience can't be beaten


Honest and Dependable

Even for the most complicated scenarios, we'll always serve you with a clear plan and solutions, on time, no matter how painful or complicated the implementation might be for both parties.


We Are Always Improving

By running many different transformations, we gather knowledge of different industries and try to re-implement good practices across them.


We Are Passionate

We always go All-In with our customers who usually become wonderful friends. We love being on the technical edge and promote lab experiments to practical use.

Past projects

Tourist Agency


Inbound & Outbound Booking, Transfers, Rent-a-car, Excursions booking, Finances, Reports
Stack: MS-DOS, PC-MOS/386, Wyse 60 over serial, Turbo Pascal, Btrieve, USRobotics modems
Digitized a major player in Yugoslavian tourism, Emona Globtour, leading to enormous savings in labour cost and improving general responsiveness & accuracy

Accounting Agency


General Ledger, Customer Ledger, VAT, Billing, Reports
Stack: Delphi, Paradox, Windows 95
A complete Accounting application, some clients like GOP d.o.o. are still using it today.

Residential and Commercial Electricians


Quotation system, Warehouse, Purchase orders, Productions orders
Stack: Delphi, Paradox, Windows 95
Tailor-made application for Senčar d.o.o. improved delivery times and cut cost by data reuse and sharing among employees.

Chemical Plant


Enterprise Reporting from PLC's data
Stack: ASP, IIS, Microsoft SQL server, Windows NT, C, Foxboro DCS
Brought live data to management of Silkem d.o.o. from factory floor, replacing the original non-functional package. By writing our own drivers we delivered a worlds-first Web interface to a DCS.

Automotive Parts Manufacturer


Distributed Control System, Enterprise Reporting, OEE
Stack: ASP, IIS, Microsoft SQL server, Windows NT, C, Foxboro DCS
Reusing the knowledge, set up a real-time OEE system to increase Availability and Quality factors at Johnson Controls d.o.o.

Electrical Engineers


Electrical Wiring Software Integration 
Stack: AutoCAD, ecscad
By integrating manufacturers data to ecscad and some coaching, we improved time-to-market for projects at IBE d.d.

Private Accommodation Agency


Booking, Billing
Stack: Delphi, Paradox
Reusing the knowledge of the Tourism industry, we set up a complete software package for EO Potovalni Center

Used Cars Warranty Provider


E-commerce, Sales network, Reporting
Stack: Apache, MySQL, PHP, Javascript
Designed and delivered a complete solution for a market leader in Slovenia, GSV d.o.o. 

Dance Competitions Organizer


Worldwide E-commerce, On-site Event Management
Stack: Nginx, MySQL, PHP, Javascript, Laravel, Bootstrap, jQuery, Redis, Beanstalk, FFMpeg
Dancestar by ESDU is a world-leading organizer of amateur dance competitions and we delivered a first class experience for their customers as well as the organizers by introducing digital voting system for judges at all their events, cutting the time-to-award-ceremony from several hours to basically zero. We also introduced a software package to automatically cut large MP4 video files by using the prepared schedule, so each dance group could collect video of their performance.

Congress & Events Tourism Agency


Worldwide E-commerce, On-site Event Management
Stack: Nginx, MySQL, PHP, Javascript, Laravel, Bootstrap, jQuery, Redis, Beanstalk
Complementing the Event management of Dancestar, we developed an application for their accommodation partner DaRiva to expedite the booking itself and the check-in process at Dancestar World Finals where several thousands participants and their coaches meet for a week long event. The biggest achievement was eliminating the waiting queue at check-in on arrival day as data was prepared in advance way more accurate than ever before.

Energy Supplier


IOT, Energy Monitoring, Self-service Customer Portal
Stack: Unitronics, MQTT, Nginx, Redis Timeseries, MySQL, NodeJS, Javascript, Svelte, TailwindCSS
Energetika Celje d.d. has a plan to make public buildings like schools and nurseries as energy efficient as possible. They are puting huge efforts into a project of renovation and refurbishment of equipment and buildings themselves and need to monitor the progress. We offered them a solution of IoT data collectors and integration of data into a portal where all the buildings and their respective devices can be managed.

Web shops


Tailor-made E-commerce with inventory management
Stack: Nginx, MySQL, PHP, Laravel, Javascript, Vue, NuxtJS, TailwindCSS is a web shop of Society for protection of Animals Ljubljana. NuxtJS helped with quick setup and allowed us to produce a PWA without a hassle.

Tailor-made E-commerce with inventory management
Stack: Nginx, MySQL, PHP, NodeJS, Javascript, Svelte, TailwindCSS is a project of two students who like to travel and explore Slovenia and the world. Again, written from scratch, this e-commerce solution is scoring A on GTMetrix for PageSpeed of 98%  and has a Lighthouse Performance score of 93 while we are still improving it.


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